Friday, May 02, 2014

Remembrance and Reconciliation on Facebook

Thanks to the ever-energetic Marla, Remembrance and Reconciliation Foundation, Inc. is now on Facebook. LIKE it here!

 In addition to updating on R&R's ongoing work of maintaining and restoring the Przemysl Jewish Cemetery, our Facebook page is the place for announcements of exciting new initiatives, like our current proposal to convert the former Scheinbach Synagogue building in Przemyśl into a Galician Cultural Center which would be used for historical, artistic, cultural, and religious purposes.

 And if that's not enough, the page is constantly posting interesting photos, videos, and comments covering all things of interest to Jewish Przemysl, including the photo below from the YIVO archives:

Notice of daily low-cost lunches available at the kehile for individuals and families, Przemyśl c. 1926


Blogger Marla Raucher Osborn said...

To read about recent news - potentially troubling - about roof leaks at the synagogue, see this article I wrote last month for Jewish Heritage Europe:

10:37 AM  

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