Friday, February 14, 2014

Missing matzevot in Przemysl

Photos and an email from a long-time Jewish Przemysl supporter:
I am attaching three photos which were taken in the new Przemysl cemetery in 1945 or 1946. I have seen some videos on youtube of the cemetery but have not noted the memorial stones that are the first two photos of this attachment. I thought that you might be interested in them for historical reasons.
(photo credit Hirsch Dingott zt'l, all rights reserved)
More importantly, I am very interested in locating the two matzevot on the third photo which have a fence around them. The grave of Ruchla Nadel (left) is that of my great grandmother. She died on the day that she was liberated by the Russians. I was in the cemetery two times but was not able to locate these stones. The Rosiner grave on the right is that of Ruchla Nadel's nephew. I only recently obtained these photos and did not have them when I visited the cemetery. I assume that the Nadel plaque has been vandalized. However, with this photo, I am hoping that I may be able to locate the foundation of the graves and then have new ones erected.

By any chance do you have photos of all of the matzevot in the cemetery including those that are destroyed? Do you know someone in Przemysl that I can hire to survey the cemetery with the photo and try to locate the graves.
This is a project we really need to get going on. The cemetery is huge and only a small portion of it is well preserved. Knowing what is where is the first step to uncovering all that is there.
Best regards, Jeff



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