Saturday, July 06, 2013

Is Herman Kosterbaum David Rosenberg?

From an email from Susan:
I am trying to find any information on Herman Kostenbaum. I have a birth certificate that shows that he was born 27 June, 1886 and I also have papers that show he served in the military.

The thing is that my grandfather's name was David Rosenberg. His birth date is the same as Kostenbaum. I know that my grandfather's mother (given name Marem) was married several times. We think Kostenbaum was one of her husbands and that possibly my grandfather changed his name before coming to America. I pulled up the Jewish Records Indexing from Poland on and it does show a Herman Kostenbaum born to Marem ( which is the correct name of his mother) but does not list father's name. My grandfather had two sisters and a brother but again not sure which last name.
Anyone with information please email me and I will forward to Susan.


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