Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Please Help Preserve The Przemysl Cemetery

The long Polish winter is almost over and soon Mr. Joachim Glettner will begin the annual spring maintenance of the Jewish Cemetery in Przemysl, Poland. Mr. Glettner is one of the last remaining acknowledged Jews in Przemysl and for the last 15 years he has partnered with the Remembrance and Reconciliation Foundation to restore and maintain the cemetery.

While the Foundation covers material costs: mostly stone, concrete, and equipment rental, Mr Glettner does masonry work for the site without any compensation. Just keeping up with storm damage and erosion now runs over $5,000 per year and as we continue to gain access to more and more sections of this large cemetery, those costs will increase considerably.

On top of routine maintenance, this year Remembrance and Reconciliation will partner with Daemen College of Buffalo, New York and the East European State College of Przemysl in a project involving the Jewish Cemetery. Students from both colleges will work this summer to map each gravestone in the cemetery as to name, pertinent information, and location. We have had the names of most people in the cemetery but not locations so it has been difficult for relatives to locate their relatives’ graves. Modern technology will allow us to access names and locations of each individual grave site on computer or other electronic device. This should prove to be an exciting and quite unique contribution to preserving the Jewish heritage in Eastern Europe.

Please help us again this year with a generous donation to fund our yearly maintenance as well as the new mapping initiative. US tax-deductible donations may be sent to: 

Remembrance and Reconciliation, Inc. 
300 S. Hyde Parke Avenue, Suite 150 Tampa, FL 33606 USA

Thank you for helping to preserve the cemetery, one of the few remaining Jewish treasures in Przemysl, Poland.

Warm regards,

John Hartman, President
David Semmel, Treasurer
Remembrance and Reconciliation, Inc.


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