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Looking for family Stein

Dear Sir,

I am a daughter of Stefan Stein, a Holocaust survivor born in Przemyśl (Poland). My father’s mother, four brothers and a sister were killed in Holocaust; my father survived the war at Horodenka, in my mother’s family home.

I am trying to get some knowledge about the life of my family killed in Holocaust, because I don’t want that they fall into oblivion. Also, I have a dream to find a trace of a member of the family who survived the Holocaust, and whose children or grandchildren are alive.

I have never known any family from the side of my father; even one photo have not remained. The only traces after those people are the documents, which luckily remained untouched in the Office of Przemyśl and in the Archive of Przemyśl. Thanks to them, I could construct my little family tree, but still I have no trace of any living family member and I didn’t find any photo.

I live in Poland (in Łódź), I am a retired teacher of mathematics. I have no family except my sister Irena. I would like to join some research group to work together; we could exchange sources of information about Przemyśl, perhaps find some photos. I know a little Yiddish and Hebrew.

Ms. Marla Raucher Osborn, whom I met in the Facebook, in the “Polish-Jewish matters” group and in the Polish “Drugie pokolenie” (Second Generation)group, advised me to contact you.

I would be very happy if you could help me to join a group working on Przemyśl. As you don't know me, I am sending, in the attachment, the copy of my father’s (Dawid Stein) birth certificate from Przemyśl.

Yours truly



Blogger Red Shoes said...

I am helping some friends do some genealogy research and came across this post. The family I'm researching is Aaron/Aron. They Immigrated to the USA 1902-1904. father Issac, mother Lena/Leah and children samuel, Jacob, Benjamin, Yetta/Etta, Anna and Cecelia. The reason I am posting is that Sam's wife is Anna Stein born in 1886. Sam lists himself on his WWI registration asw being born in Prezemils Austria and on his WWII registration from Prenisl Austria. These are the only spellings I have but I think the family was from Przemysl. This Anna Stein we believe is from the same area. This is all I know so far.

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Blogger David said...

Red Shoes - email me directly david@semmel.com and we can discuss!

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