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Re-dedication in Przemysl

Below is from the flyer announcing the rededication of the memorial monument dedicated to the Jews of Przemysl murdered by the Nazis between 1942-3. It takes place June 17, 2016 at 11:00 in the square behind the building of the Specjalny Ośrodek Szkolno-Wychowawczy no. 1,Kopernika 14 Street, Przemysl.

The initiator and founder of the works is Janusz Galiczyński of Przemysl.The honorary patronage over the ceremony was taken by the Department of Culture and History of Jews of the Institute of History of Rzeszów University.

For more information, contact: Joanna Elżbieta Potaczek, tel. +48 782-682-544, e-mail:
The history of the place.

The place to commemorate in Kopernika Street in Przemyśl is connected with the tragedy of the Przemyśl Jews murdered in the years 1942 1943 - mostly in September 1943, during the liquidation of the ghetto. At this location the Germans killed at least 1,580 Jews. The victims of murder undressed in a nearby building of the Judenrat, then walked to the back of the prison, and there they were killed at the wall. The Germans burned the corpses on the spot and threw the ashes into the San.

In 1956, under the Death Wall a small monument was erected with a plaque situated informing about the murder of 1580 Jews from the Przemysl ghetto by the "Nazi thugs".

In March 1989 an eyewitness of the tragic events - Julek Wachs attached to the monument another small plaque informing about the murder of the Jewish children, women and men in summer 1943. In the vicinity of the place the corpses of the victims were burned and the following were forced to do it: prof. Silber, Cuba Rosenzweig, Benjamin Wider, Wolfing. The fifth name he did not remember.

For many years this place has become neglected. The tourists visiting it faced the ugly sight of the ruined monument.

The initiative for restoration was put forward by Janusz Galiczyński a Przemysl social activist. After celebrating VIII International Holocaust Remembrance Day in Podkarpackie in January 2016, with his own effort and funds, he led to the restoration of the monument, its environment and the wall adjacent to it, under which the Jews were murdered. The construction work were done by the inmates from the prison in Przemysl.

Mr. Galiczyński throughout the whole period of restoration was supported by Norbert Ziętal the manager of the Przemysl branch of Nowiny. Janusz Galiczyński is not a wealthy man. Asked why he did it? He responds - out of respect for these people. Out of respect for the murdered Jewish residents of Przemyśl, who once lived in this town and were an integral part thereof. In his act he sees a moral obligation to respect other people and to honor the for the murdered people at this place, because every death should be respected - especially such a tragic death.

Joanna Elżbieta Potaczek
Norbert Ziętal


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