Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Family Herzfeld

Like most of these tales, it starts with an email...
My grandfather was Eliasz Herzfeld, born in Przemysl on October 5th, 1919.

He was in the Przemysl ghetto until the very end of its existence and was then deported to Stalowa Wola labour camp in 1943. He escaped miraculously and hid until the end of the war. All his relatives who were in Przemysl at the time of WWII perished in the Holocaust, either in the gas chambers of Belzec or in the Przemysl ghetto, a question mark that remains unanswered to us.

His siblings were:
- Izak Herzfeld, born on April 9th 1904, married to Beracha
  Tenenbaum. They had a child, Hadasa Herzfeld, born on
  September 5th, 1932.
- Malvina Herzfeld, born c. 1905
- Markus Herzfeld, born on August 12th, 1906.
- Aron Herzfeld, born on March 1st, 1911. He immigrated
   to Belgium before WWII and hid during the war.
  He passed away in 2013 at the age of 102.
- Moische Herzfeld, born on January 16th, 1913.

His parents were Salomon Herzfeld, of whom we unfortunately don’t know much (no picture, no place & date of birth) and Dwojra Tanenbaum, born on August 5th, 1878 in Przemysl.

If you have any information concerning the Herzfeld & Tanenbaum families from Przemysl, or might know anybody who could help, I would be much grateful. Samuel

The Herzfeld family in Przemysl c.1921- left to right: Aron ; Moische ; the mother Dwojra ; Eliasz; Malvina and Markus . Absent from the picture are Izak and the father Salomon. Aron and Eliasz were the only members of the family to survive the Holocaust.

Aron (3rd from L) and friends in Przemysl (the Rynek?) c. 1928

Aron in the Chorus of the synagogue c. 1924

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Blogger Stanley Workman said...

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3:41 PM  
Anonymous Lukasz said...

Czemu po angielski wpis? No tak, Art is odd:/

9:18 AM  
Blogger Sarah Tannenbaum Sherman said...

I was recently in Przemysl doing some family research and although I was looking for the Mehlman family, I though it curious that I found my own name Sarah Tannenbaum spelled Sara Tanenbaum and her father Ojciec Tanenbaum among the records. Please email me so that I can put you in contact with a wonderful geneologist in town! mamasherm@gmail.com

7:20 PM  
Blogger Sonuwe said...

Markus Herzfeld, born on 12 August 1906 in Przemysl, passed away in the Brussels Region in Belgium on 15 September 2013 at the age of 107 years and 34 days. He emigrated in 1933 to Belgium and obtained the Belgian nationality in 1955. As far as I know he had three children, all of them born in Belgium.

3:54 AM  
Anonymous Samuel said...

In reply to Sonuwe, you are mistaking Markus for Aron. Aron took the identity of Markus when leaving Przemysl for Belgium in 1933. It is Aron who died in 2013. Markus perished in the Holocaust.

6:20 AM  

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