Friday, February 26, 2016

The Old Cemetery

Marcin, a tourist guide from Przemyƛl, sent me these photos of the new plaques on what remains of the old Jewish cemetery in Przemysl. What does the Hebrew say? And can anyone tell me who paid for this?

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Blogger Atalya Buskila said...

Hi, David.
The second pic, above small transcription, says "Agudat Ohaley Tzadikim (Righteous men tents society) - Gader Avot (ancestors fence) lead by Rabbi Israel Meir Gabai SHLITA (May he live a good long life, Amen)".
Then the big transcription - "Old Cemetery of the Holy Community of Przemysl".
The third pic starts with the same inscriptions, and follows:
"In which are buried:

HRHK (The great holy rabbi), Rabbi Aryeh Leybush
and Mrs. Miryam Halberstam ZYAA (her righteousness shall protect us, amen)
parents of HRHK rabbi Chaim Halberstam,
the author of the "DIVREY CHAIM" (words of life) from Tzanz ZYAA (his righteousness shall protect us, amen).

HRHK rabbi Efraim Yitzhak ZYAA
the author off last MISHNA on SEDER TAHAROT

HRHK rabbi Aryeh Leib Meizlish ZYAA,
brother in law of MOHRNT (known as Rabbi Natan of Breslau / Namiruv, or Natan Shternherz)

HRHK rabbi Yehoshua Halevi Horovitz ZYAA
ABD (Av Beis Din, head of the Jewish religious "court") of przemysl.

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Anonymous John Billy said...

Extraordinary. This cemetery is so cool. I wanted to take a photo of the grave

8:46 AM  

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