Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Bernice goes to Poland

Internet friend Bernice just returned from a trip to Poland, including Przemysl and Dynow. Turns out I too have relations from Dynow - mostly Kern, Laufer, and even some named Arm... just like new-found cousin Bernice!

Here is the excellent Shtetlinks site for Dynow
Dear David:

Just a quick note to let you know that while we were in Przemysl, we visited the cemetery. At least there are still gravestones left.

On June 24th, 2010 in Dubiecko, a plaque was unveiled indicating that a vibrant Jewish community once lived there for hundreds of years.

We than went to the cemetery, where there are no headstones, Germans used them for roads. The chief Rabbi, M. Shudrich said kaddish and the local bishop repeated it in Polish. The names of the 160 men, women and children , who were killed by the Germans and buried in a mass grave, were read by 3 high school girls. We, two of my cousins and I, and some of the townspeople laid stones in memory of those killed.
The Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish cemeteries in Poland has now taken over control.

It was a highly emotional day for me. I still cry when i talk about it as a number of my family members including my father's brother were read. One of the attendees was the daughter of a woman who had saved a Jewish woman. Her name was submitted to Yad Vashem and she was given a medal honoring her. The woman is no longer living but her daughter was running around showing the medal to everyone and how proud she was of her mother. Too bad there were not many more people like her.

I also went to Poland to do research on my family Arm/Frand. The Arms came from
Dynow, the Frands from Dubiecko. I was told that I would not find any documents on my family from Dynow as they were destroyed. I did find some information about the Frands from Dubiecko but now to figure out who they are.

An interesting note; A young orthodox Rabbi, who is a follower of the well known
Rabbi from Dynow is building a Polish Jewish Heritage Center there. the building is large, will have 2 mikvahs, dormitory rooms, synagogue, etc. It will be a teaching and learning center. He told us that had 150 people for Shabbat services the week before. I do not know where they all came from but I am assuming Israel. He is trying to also touch base with what's left of the Jewish population in Poland to come and learn at his institution. In August he having a festival at which time he is inviting the whole town of Dynow to bridge a gap between the Jewish people and the townspeople. We were invited but of course will not be in attendance. I hope we can get more information about it on the internet after the festival.

Well, a quick note turned out to be a long note.

Have a good day!
Bernice Bernstein


Blogger Senorita said...

I've been reading your blog for as long as you've had it, I think. I think it's a beautiful tribute.

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