Saturday, May 08, 2010

Pleasae, please help

Once a year I take a break from blogging family remembrances and ask everyone who is interested in saving what little is physically left of Jewish Przemysl to join me and Dr. John Hartman in raising money for the effort.

Spring has come to Poland and with it, Mr. Joachim Glettner again begins work on the restoration and maintenance of the Jewish cemetery in Przemysl. Joachim, one of a handful of Jews left in a city that was once a vibrant center of Jewish life, has been doing this labor of love for the last eleven years with sole financial support from the people like me and you, through the not-for-profit Remembrance and Reconciliation Foundation, Inc.

Work consists of repairing the damage done by the harsh winters and the toll the passage of time has taken on over 1,000 gravestones, two mass Holocaust graves, and the newer memorials erected to remember the deceased. Grass has to be mowed many times per year, masonry and metal fences need securing, and trash must be collected. And ice storms downed tree limbs, adding considerably to the annual spring pruning and brush clearing. The value of the dollar has dropped significantly over the past two years, pushing the cost of repair and maintenance up to over US $5,000. per year -- just to maintain the status quo.

Please, please donate today. Each and every contribution, regardless of size, is desperately needed and deeply appreciated. The Foundation accepts donations by check, or by email or credit card via our PayPal account (click to donate!):

Remembrance and Reconciliation, Inc.
300 S. Hyde Parke Avenue, Suite 150 Tampa, FL 33606

The Foundation has no expenses -- every dollar collected goes toward the maintenance of the Jewish cemetery in Przemysl and to remembrance of nearly a millennium of Jewish heritage in Poland.

Warm regards to all,

David R. Semmel
Dr. John Hartman



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