Sunday, April 25, 2010

Family Sporn/Shacham

Here is an email to me...
Both my father and mother's families were from Pshemishl.
My mother's family was Swartz, and they were lucky to leave Poland just before the war.
However, my father's family were probably lost in the WW2.

I am trying for a long time to find out what happened to them, and maybe your blog may help.

My father was Itzhak Sporn, came to Israel in 1934.

He left behind a married sister (Sali Diamand, husband Yoseph, and 3 kids: Hela, Milek and Buzia),and two unmarried sisters: Sofia and Cila.

Please publish this note, maybe someone will know something about my lost family.


Zvi Shacham (Sporn)
As it turns out, I am familiar with the name via Martin Sporn,a man who married a cousin of mine after the Shoah.

Florine Getter was born in 1926 in Paris. Her mother was Chaya Silberman (photo, right), my grandfather's sister. Chaya and husband Muni Getter (photo, left) were both arrested in France and put on trains to Auschwitz where Chaya perished. Muni, miraculously, survived. Their child Florine was hidden for the entire Shoah in a convent in Grenoble. After the war, her father found her in Paris and they immigrated to New York where she married Martin Sporn. I do not know if Martin was from Przemysl...



Blogger צבי said...

Dear David,

Thanks for your note.
I know about Martin Sporn, who married Anita in USA, and have a son Michael. Does it ring the bell?

Zvi Shacham

12:03 PM  

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