Thursday, December 27, 2012

Family Rosenberg

Over the transom comes an email from Tanya looking for more information on her Przemysl family:
My great grandfather was Max Rosenberg 1860-1934 maybe born in Sambor. He was a glass and ceramics manufacturer in Przemysl.

His parents were Dawid and Perla. Dawid was a doctor; I'm not certain where. It could perhaps have been Przemysl, Sambor or Chyrow/Stare Miasto. Dawid's father was Mordechai Rosenberg, 1819-1878. Mordechai's father was Sjyje who was married to Blime. Max's first wife was Bronia (nee Sperling).

They had two sons, Ignacy (1888-1976) who was a doctor and Josef (1894 or 5 - 1966). Josef was in the business manufacturing (I think) large kitchen supplies and he lived in Vienna until the war and then he and his wife (Hilda Roth) and son (my father) came to NYC. Max's second wife was Ida Graff.

They had one son, Edward Czerny (Graff) born in Przemysl, 1912. He lived in Varsovie Poland and married Mila Czerny. They had one son, Adam and a daughter, doctor Kristina.

Any information on any of these people would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Tanya


Marla's pictures from Przemysl

Blog friend Marla was in Przemysl last year and took some wonderful shots.  See them all.

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