Monday, February 16, 2009

Searching Przemysl name Rubinfeld

This came in over the transom:
Dear David:

My father was born in Przemsyl and came to America in 1935. He passed away ten years ago. I have been trying all my life to find out what happened to my grandmother, Zeisel Rubinfeld and her daughter (my aunt) Fela. Do you have any knowledge of my grandmother, aunt or any of my relatives from Przemsyl?

L to R: Uncle Froium Mendel Rubinfeld, Fela (my aunt), my father Pinchas. Seated is my grandmother Zeisel


Sidney Rubinfeld
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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

1899 Przemysl Report Card

Dear Lukasz and David

As I know your affinity to anything that has to do with Przemysl, I am attaching a document that may be of Interest.

(Click to enlarge)

Soon to be 120 years old, this is my late grandfather, Dr. Joseph Knoller's report card from school (I cannot make out if it is third or fourth grade) for the year 1899.

I am lucky to hold all of his school and academic diplomas as well as my grandmother's, the late Edith Knoller nee Probstein. If you would like more scans, let me know.

Bear in mind that it also has a back side which has other printed comments but nothing hand-written. The scan is 200dpi which does not allow to notice the faint, pink, decorative background.