Friday, September 07, 2007


I was tipped off by an anonymous commenter to the existence of a counterfeit URL for the important Shoah site hosted by the ARC.
The more correct link to Mr Biedka's article on Przemysl wold be found at:

Note the removal of the Hyphen in the URL. The hyphenated version of the genuine ARC website is a counterfeit copy.

I highly doubt Mr. Biedka would so dishonor the memory of those who perished in Przemysl by linking to fraudulent websites and holocaust profiteers.
Here is my response:
I have changed the UR on my post Przemysl Ghetto... it is hard to understand why anyone would want to steal this material when it is being freely offered as a public service...
My advice? Drop the hyphen. Use the real site.


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