Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Looking for Glasser from Przemysl

Sheila Schneider, the coordinator for the Przemysl shtetlinks site, is looking for information on the Glassers of Przemysl per the email, below. If you have anything for her, please email her (click on he name).
I am corresponding with two brothers from Przemysl that survived the Holocaust. I have placed Ben’s stories of life in Przemysl before, during and after the Holocaust, on the shtetlinks page. I am waiting for David’s stores. Ben has asked me to use my resources and locate any information about his schoolmate mate friend with the surname of Glasser. Below are Ben’s comments:

"I went to school with a Jewish boy, Glasser; I don’t remember his first name. He lived in a house, not in an apartment house, on the street Trzeciego Maja. I remember visiting him at his place when he was ill."



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