Thursday, July 12, 2007

Jacek Szwic's well earned award

Jacek Szwic was recently recognized by the Israeli ambassador to Poland, the City Council of Pittsburgh, and the Jewish Historical Institute for his work in the preservation of the memory of the Jews of Przemysl.

In addition to playing a major role in the erecting of the monument at the Grochowce forest mass grave site, Mr. Szwic was primarily responsible for the indexing of the stones at the Jewish cemetery on Slowackiego St. He has also staged three exhibitions on the Przemysl synagogues and ghetto, and contributed to and edited two book on these topics. As a reporter for local weekly Zycie Podkarpackie he has often written about Jewish Przemysl.

The ceremony took place at the Krakow Muzeum Galicja, on June 1. Jacek Szwic was among nine awarded this year.

Click HERE for the news story in Polish.

Hat tip: Lukasz B in Warsaw

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