Saturday, March 03, 2007

Przemysler's Masked Ball

(Update to the Przemyslers Ball post)

My cousin Bruce Rauch saw the "Ball" post and shared with me a wonderful story about an annual masquerade ball in Przemysl, held at least into the 20s.

He wrote:

I don't know where the picture on the web site was taken, but there was an annual ball in Przemysl sponsored by some Jewish social club. Mendel ( Silberman, David's GF) and my father (Marcus Rauch) were both members and were also close personal friends.

Mendel was on the host committee circa 1920. My father wanted to meet my mother (Salka/Sally Silberman, Mendel's sister) so he made a deal with his friend.

The ball was a masked ball and each guest had to unmask before a member of the committee to verify that they were invited. The deal was that Mendel would know who my mother was and would tip off my father so he could fill out her dance card.

Judging by Salka Silberman & Marcus Rauch's wedding photo, above, taken three years later, apparently it worked!

While I still think the Ball photo is from a New York event, it is possible that the English caption was written later and it is Przemysl. The more likely case is that whatever group sponsored the Ball had members move to New York who wanted to continue the tradition.



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