Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Looking for Grandmother's school mate

I received the email below from the grand daughter of one of the students at The Primary School for Girls in Przemysl. Unfortunately, the email I have for Anna Demby (nee ŚWITALSKA) is no longer valid. Does anyone have her contact information?

I’m writing to you because on the one of photos you have published on your web site.  I recognized my grandmother. Her name is Irena Popiel (nee Osmak). On the photo she is the last person at the bottom right of the picture (a sitting girl with a dark hair, and dark school uniform - ).

Grandmother is living in Poland in Bydgoszcz now. Unfortunately she has a health problems. She can not recall any details of her youth. If there is any possibility that you could put us to touch with Mrs. Demby, I would really appreciate it. As a grandmother’s friend form the class - maybe she will be able to help us uncover history of my grandmother.

And maybe you have some information about my grandmother family – Osmak from Przemysl?

We (me and my family) will be grateful for any help.

Best regards,

Małgorzata Popiel

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