Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Alte Synagogue

Below is a series of photos of the Alte (Old) Synagogue in Przemysl, taken by Dr. John Hartman a few weeks ago.

Two things make them so extraordinary: First, the Alte Synagogue, the heart of Jewish Przemysl, was a magnificent structure with history dating all the way back to 1594. Second, it was damaged in 1939 then destroyed by the Nazis in 1941. These pictures are of a photo essay erected in the empty lot on Jagiellonska Street, Przemysl, where this great building once stood.

The installation was conceived and created by Jacek Szwic.

Dr. Hartman brought back hundreds of photos from the Remembering the Jews of Przemysl event last October, which included this street display. They will eventually all be posted at the Remembrance and Reconciliation Foundation website. I'll post a heads-up when the photos are posted.

All photographs © 2006 John Hartman

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