Monday, February 01, 2010

Families Sternbach and Eisner

From Tina in LA... if anyone has information on these names, please contact me.

I subsequently found a note on Lukasz Beidka's indispensable site on the Belzec Remembrance page:

EISNER nee Weinstock, Ludwika (Luta)
Born in 1893. Deported from Przemysl ghetto to Belzec, in the beginning of the first "action", on 27 July 1942.

The first email:
Hello David -- My maternal grandmother - Rose Sternbach married Jacob Eisner and she definitely lived in Przemsyl until she immigrated tothe Unites States in 1921, New York, and took up residence in Brooklyn. I would appreciate any assistance you can give me to find out if I have any relatives living there or if any members of my family survived or died during the Holocaust. I believe it was a good size family and my great grandfather owned some sort of shop there.  Thank you very much - Tina Valinsky
I remember an old postcard...
Tina - While I have no direct knowledge of the names you mentioned, I can tell you that the name Eisner is known to me from a postcard I have of the Eisner Store (Men's clothing, I believe) located on Plac na Bramie in Przemysl c. 1910. I wil try to find the scan I have of it. A quick look through the JRI dadatase shows loads of Przemysl-related Eisners. It would take some effort by someone who knew the family to decipher. Sternback is not a name I know from Przemysl nor does it show up in my records. Lastly... may I post this info on the blog site? Warm regards, David
Different Eisner...
Hi David - Thank you so much for your assistance. Actually, it was Sternbach who owned the small shop, his first name might have been Samuel. My grandfather, Jacob Eisner was an upholsterer but not sure if he worked in Przemysl ( but probably did ) and then immigrated to Brooklyn with my grandmother Rosa Ester (Sternbach).

On the ship's manifest, the Adriatic, from Southampton, England, it says Hernbach was my grandmother's father's name but that must be a mistake. Yes, you have my permission to post something about this and give my email for a response. Again, I appreciate any help trying to sort out my family tree and perhaps actually connect with relatives. Sincerely, Tina Valinsky



Anonymous al said...

One of my ancestors born in Smolnica (near Sambor) his names was Sternbach Lejzor.

2:40 PM  
Anonymous albert said...

pls contact me

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