Friday, November 27, 2009

Family Michalczyk?

Emailer Steve writes:
It's a fascinating blog, David.

I'm not Jewish, nor Polish, but in deciding to try and give my wife a 'family tree' as a surprise 50th birthday present next year I've been struck by all things Polish! I've even begun learning the language in the hope of a surprise visit next autumn.

I wondered whether you could ask on your blog if there are any Michalczyk's still living in or around Przemsyl?

My wife's father (Iwan Michalczyk) was born in Tarnawce, just outside Przemysl, but escaped to the UK during the war. All I know of him is that his father's name was Konstantego Michalczyk, that his mother died in childbirth (1918), and a stepmother died soon after in some sort of fire.

Thanks for any help you might generate, and keep up the good work with the blog.

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