Saturday, October 24, 2009

Family Engel

Anyone know of family Engel? Have a spare bottle of Engel Galician Pinot 1895?
Hello David

It’s Roma Baran who gave me your name and email address.

I’m the son of Simon Engel, who was born in Przemysl on June 3rd 1916, son of Herz and Margulie Engel-Weinberger.

My father was studying in Belgium before the War, so he escaped and fought in the RAF. All his family was killed, except one brother, Ben, who survived the camps and then left for Belgium then Canada, then California. They are both dead now.

My father never told me a lot about his past and family. They were all born in Tarnow. What I know is that, from my grand-mother, they had vineyards, before WW I. During WW I, they left for Budapest, where my father is born. When they came back, they discover they had lost almost everything.

As many sons and grand-sons of « survivors » (even if he was not in camps), and more as a writer, I started late (too late) to inquire about this past. And I found very few.

Would you have any information about my family in Przemysl ?

best regards

Vincent Engel



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