Monday, November 10, 2008

Roma Baran - Uncovering the hidden past

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Roma's email that started this remarkable saga:
I just ran across the Przemysl blog and wanted to ask your advice. I just discovered (at the age of 61) that I am a Jew, that my parents survived the Holocaust under assumed names, and that I lived in Israel between 1949 and 1951. I am now in the early stages of trying to reconstruct my parents' real history. A summary of my father's reparation file states that he was interred in the Przemysl ghetto in 1942, liberated in Uzhorod in 1944, and was in Przemysl and Bytom after the war...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have not the first clue how to do this so stream of consciousness shall flow. roma, strength to you to support the weight of this unveiling. your friends, amoung whom i am proud to be counted, will do whatever to help in this discovery. your mother and father did what they did to survive. who has not questioned what we would do to survive? her passing complicates everything for you, but for her can only be a good thing. simple truth, it was her time. let us commemorate her life and reflect on our own lives all at once. much love to you in this endeavor. as always, nora

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