Sunday, March 16, 2008

25 Czarniekiego

My friend Lukasz was kind enough to send me a photo of 25 Czarniekiego Street in Przemysl. Based on addresses from old family post cards, this is where my great-grandparents Marcus Metzger and Chana Laufer lived with their family c. 1910-20.

The building is located near the corner of Rokitnianska Street, directly across from the main train station, was owned by a Mozes Teitelbaum. It was in the center of what would become the Przemysl Nazi ghetto, just a few steps away from the notorious prison where 1,200 Jewish men, women and children were shot dead on September 9, 1943. In all, 1,580 Jews perished there.
By then, only Izac (Edward) Metzger, wife Laia, and their four children remained in Przemysl. While Izac went to war, fighting with the Red Arm, his family was murdered, perhaps only steps from their front door. After the war, Izac returned to Przemysl and re-married Aniela Binczak who was a neighbor. Aneila's story is here.

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